Black Beauty





Custom sizes available on all mediums, please phone or email for a quote

Our mediums are the latest in technology.
All inks are infused and UV cured to create an ageless product with excellent resolution.

Anodised Aluminium
Has no eqaul being that the process allows the image to become part of metal.
This product does not deteriorate and can only be forcibly damaged. Will last for generations.
Max 1100 x 980

Reverse infused and UV cured brings out the wow factor to any shot somewhat 3D appearance.
Max 3000 x 1500

Aluminium Composite
Face infused and UV cured this product is a composition of Aluminium and recycled Polypropylene coreĀ for rigidity. Comes in either gloss or matt finish.
Max 3000 x 1500

Face infused and UV cured very versatile product.
Can be reused up to 50 times, wont tear or crease, no fixing required (great for rentals), our most requested product for overseas presents and buyers.
Max 4000 x 1500

Fine Art Board
Face infused and UV cured very versatile product. Excellent choice to put in any frame, any size, low cost and light weight for postage or fixing with double sided tape to any area.
Max 3000 x 1500

Custom sizes available at no extra charge.
Please phone or email for a quote.

All Fitted with our Ezy To Use Hanging System

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